The Crystal Connection

Join me for a series of 6 classes to connect you with the healing power of crystals

Check back for new class schedules for 2018!  Drop me an e-mail if you would like to be placed on the notification list for the series.

Class Six

Crystal Grids and Layouts

Learn to use the incredibly powerful energy of crystal grids when manifesting your desires, goals and intentions.

Class Four

Crystal Healing in the Home

Heal and empower your life with crystal energy. Learn which crystals to use for particular life and home issues, explanations of crystal-related terms, and how to unlock the powerful healing properties of crystals.

Class Three

Crystals and Pendulum Power

The power of the pendulum has been used since the beginnings of time. Knowledge of the pendulum's powers can help you communicate with the hidden levels of your being. In this class you will learn how to use a pendulum and how it's amazing powers can be put to use right away. 

Class One

Crystals 101

Crystals are more than pretty jewelry and bookends. Crystals are natural healers, just like herbs. They are not inanimate objects but very much imbued with universal intelligence. This is the first class in a series of six. Join us to learn the basics of crystal qualities,the main ways they are used, how to choose your crystal, and how to cleanse, charge and program your crystals.

$50. per class OR register for the complete series of 6 classes now and we will take 20% off.  ‚ÄčInstead of $300. for the series, you pay just $240.

Class Two

Crystals and Your Chakras

Learn which crystals provide the best support for your chakras and why. Then experience the healing of a crystal chakra meditation.

Margaret Skillicorn

As a Holistic Care Practitioner trained in energy therapy and essential oils therapy, I work with clients to balance the energies of their body in relationship to traumatic events, unconscious thought patterns, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that may be interfering with optimal well-being. I am not a licensed health care professional and my services do not replace the care from health care professionals. Therefore, my services do not in any way relate to medical and/or psychological clinical treatment. I do not diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders. It is possible I may refer you to other practitioners for medical or psychiatric evaluation.

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Class Five

Crystal Singing Bowls and Pyramids - with Special Guest Louisa Curley

‚ÄčLearn the art of crystal singing bowls and pyramids for meditation, healing, balance and restoration.