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How many sessions do I need?

There is no one answer. It depends on how you are feeling, how you are handling stressful circumstances, your level of health, your mental state, what you want in your relationships and career, and how ready you are to embrace your life. Some people spiral up to a higher energy state of coherence after one session. Other people may require more sessions to feel the change in their state of coherence.

Ultimately the number of sessions you have is determined by your needs of the moment and your desire for continued growth, transformation, and the realization of your potential. Some people have a session when they spiral down to a lower energy state; others love to have sessions on a consistent basis to support their continued upward spiral to higher energy states of coherence.

When you notice improvement - physically, emotionally, mentally, or in your life situation - then you will know you are going in the right direction and can trust that this system is helping you.

What is Resonance Repatterning? 

Resonance Repatterning (RR) formerly known as Holographic Repatterning® is a process to help you clear any and all negative beliefs, behaviors, and emotions that create limitations in your life.

According to New Physics, we are a mass of energy frequencies, vibrating at many levels, and whatever we resonate with, or are in tune with, that is what we will experience in our life. Another way of saying this is, "What we resonate with, we attract". This is a restatement of the Law of Attraction, which is well known through the movie "The Secret". These ideas and concepts are now being validated through scientific research in Quantum Physics.

Much of what holds you back comes from subconscious patterns, or programming, that took place early in life. These patterns can create worry, pain, frustration, and depression - all examples of low-energy states.

These subconscious patterns interfere with your ability to have the happiness, abundance, and fulfillment in work, love, and health that you desire. Many of these patterns are not yet in your conscious awareness, yet they can have a major impact on your life.

The Resonance Repatterning process first works by bringing the subconscious patterns into consciousness so they can be addressed. This is the first step in helping to clear these patterns and eliminate the interference so that you can easily and naturally move towards a state of greater balance, aliveness, harmony, and alignment with your goals. A holographic "map" of the patterns needing to be cleared is created, using input from the client and muscle checking (kinesiology). Then the relevant healing modality is identified that is needed to bring coherence to the energy system.

A Repatterning session is NOT like traditional therapy, which is primarily intellectual. It is NOT like having a “reading” or healing "done to you”. It is not a one-time magic cure-all, and yet, a single session can cause breakthroughs that ripple out over time and bring life-changing results.

Benefits of Resonance Repatterning

  • Provides a cutting-edge combination of traditional and alternative therapies.
  • Is routinely provided long-distance via phone or Skype.
  • Uses Kinesiology to access information from your unique energy field.
  • Releases deep unconscious traumas and emotional blocks stored in your mind-body-spirit system.
  • Works on the quantum level as described by Deepak Chopra and many others.

The Resonance Repatterning System is an effective way to identify and clear the patterns of energy underlying any issue, problem, or pain you are experiencing. 

Can Resonance Repatterning help pain?

If you feel stuck in any pain or limitation, you know you are resonating with old mental and emotional patterns - often unconscious. Whatever the pain - physical, emotional, or mental, Resonance Repatterning offers a practical, immediate, and profound system for renewed hope and extraordinary outcomes.

In sessions, you learn the tools for moving from past painful memory imprints that are superimposed on your present state of mind, so you can re-discover your natural state of joy. It is possible to create a life you love - and help others do the same - by receiving Resonance Repatterning sessions from a certified practitioner or learning the system for yourself.

As a Holistic Care Practitioner trained in energy therapy and essential oils therapy, I work with clients to balance the energies of their body in relationship to traumatic events, unconscious thought patterns, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that may be interfering with optimal well-being. I am not a licensed health care professional and my services do not replace the care from health care professionals. Therefore, my services do not in any way relate to medical and/or psychological clinical treatment. I do not diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders.

The science behind Resonance/Holographic Repatterning
For more information regarding the science behind Resonance Repatterning: ​Click here for an article by RR practitioner Kimberly Rex.

What is muscle checking?

The Resonance Repatterning Institute teaches Resonance Kinesiology - muscle checking - for two specific uses:
Resonance muscle checking identifies negative resonance patterns that stop us from achieving our goals, and confirms that these patterns have been transformed at the end of the session.

Coherence muscle checking identifies the modalities required for transforming the negative resonance patterns and creating coherence. This can lead to quantum change.

In the Resonance Repatterning system we do not use muscle checking to measure if something is right or wrong or if something is true or false. We only check what we resonate with. For this reason, it is not used for prophecy, as a psychic tool, for medical diagnosis, or for confirming prescriptive drugs. It is particularly important to avoid using muscle checking to identify whether past trauma or abuse occurred or with whom. If someone resonates with past trauma, it is the resonance with the trauma that needs to be transformed.

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