Lisa McCardle

 Ascension Guide * Soul Alchemist * Spirit Channel
Lisa will show you what you can not fully see so that

you can remember what it is that you have forgotten…

Golnesa Payan

Closet Cleansing Expert

Golnesa's closet cleansing skills are therapeutic and life-changing. Closets dense with clothes that don't fit, you can't find, and/or have sentimental value are stressful and packed with emotions. Golnesa has a special talent to support you through this often overwhelming process.

Call her today. It will change your daily life. It did mine.

Sarah Nisse 

Sarah's life work ignites the intuition in others, attuning and aligning your energy at the Soul Level.

Toula Hubbard

doTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate and 

Integrative Health Coach

Toula is my business partner in doTerra and specializes in educating our clients on wellness with essential oils. As an Integrative Wellness Coach, she supports her clients with programs that help them bring their lives into alignment

with their values.


It is a treasure to find people who are sharing their soul's purpose ​to support others to embody their truth.

It is my honor to introduce you to some of my favorite practitioners. 

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